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30 pounds to Jean Houymet Jr.

By Denis Ouimet (3)

Translated by Marc Ouimet (155)





    In a book entitled «Les baillages (leases) de Beaupré et de l’Île d’Orléans» we found a contract between Jean Houymet Jr. and Jean Amaury signed on the 2nd March 1694 in front of Notary René Cochon. We haven’t been able to find out why a sum of thirty pounds was due to Jean Houymet Jr. At that time, Jean Amaury’s farm was located about eight kilometers northeast of Jean Houymet’s farm, in the neighbouring parish of Saint-François, and more precisely near Pointe-de-la-Croix. We also have to point out that this settlement happened a few years after the death of Jean Houymet Sr., on the 18th November 1687, at 53 years old. The reason for the litigation is not indicated.























Copy taken from the map of Sieur de Villeneuve (1689). Number 21 corresponds with Jean Amaury’s house (are there 2?) and number 22 corresponds with the said Amaury’s barn (Roy 1978).


Here’s what we can read:


«Between Jean Houymet inhabitant of the county of Saint-Laurent plaintiff appearing by Paris bailiff of the said place appearing by his wife defender on the other part the parties have heard certain facts by the plaintiff and the said Amaury of the last day of January last by which the defender is indebted towards the plaintiff for the sum of thirty pounds which the said wife has paid presently to the said Paris by the plaintiff. We have discharged him of other claims and demands from the said plaintiff and given a receipt to the said wife Amaury saying that she has paid.»


    Jean Amaury, or Maury according to Jetté (1983), is the son of Pierre and Suzanne Preissac, from the borough of Saint-Maclou in the Poitou. He marries Marie Vigny, daughter of Louis and Marie Germaine, on the 25th September 1673 in Québec City. Their first two children are born and baptized in Sainte-Famille in 1677 and 1679 while the other nine are born and baptized in Saint-François between 1682 and 1699. According to Michel Langlois (1998), Jean Amaury «considers himself poor and always has difficulty making ends meet. As stated above, on the 2nd March 1694, Jean Amaury owes 30 pounds to Jean Houymet and it’s Marie Vigny who represents him in cases involving justice...She pays immediately».



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