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Marguerite Ouimet, Matriarcal Ancestor of the Turcot Families

By Pauline Ouimet-Charron (8) and Yvon Ouimet (1)

Translated by Marc Ouimet (155)




    Marguerite Ouimet is the third child and first daughter of our ancestors Jean Houymet and Renée Gagnon. Born on the 11th January 1667 and baptized on the following 15th January, she passed away on the 23rd February 1743. The church registers show that she was baptized, married and buried in the parish of Sainte-Famille de l’Île d’Orléans.


    Actually, Marguerite lived all her life on the paternal land located at 3463, Chemin Royal (now 2208, Chemin Royal), parish of Sainte-Famille Isle of Orléans. After signing her marriage contract in front of Notary P. Vachon on the 27th October 1688, on the following 16th November, she married François Turcot, who lived close by, at 3530 (household number has since been changed), lot 48. He was the son of Abel Turcot (Turcault), a pioneer of the Isle of Orléans, originally from Mouilleron-en-Pareds, France and of Marie Giraux, originally from La Tremblade, in the vicinity of La Rochelle, who both had married on the 27th November 1662 at Château-Richer. Abel Turcot was a miller by trade working for Lord Bishop Laval, which earned him the title of master miller. A sign saying «Ferme J. Frs Turcotte»or «Turcotte J. Bros’ Farm» and a stone monument pay tribute to François Turcot and his father Abel who arrived in New France in 1662, and settled down in Sainte-Famille de l’Île d’Orléans in 1666.


    When Marguerite, at 21 years of age, marries François Turcot, her father has been dead since the previous year, that is the 18th November 1687, leaving , besides Marguerite, the two oldest boys Jean and Louis, and four minor children, Marie-Madeleine, Jacques, Jeanne and Pierre of whom François Turcot becomes the tutor. The seven children inherit in equal parts their father’s portion, namely one and a half arpent of land and a few possessions (of which you will find the listing in our ancestor’s biography). All the heirs accept to sell their shares to their brother-in-law François Turcot: Marie-Madeleine parts with her inheritance by means of a notarized contract on the 23rd March 1701, Louis and Jean on the 19th April 1702, Pierre, Jeanne and Jacques on the 21st February 1710.


    François Turcot had already bought his mother-in-law’s (Renée Gagnon) share from the Québec General Hospital on the 15th June 1696, which conferred him the ownership of the whole lot no. 51 of three arpents wide in the parish of Sainte-Famille (lots of today’s lot nos. 187 partial and 189 partial). The Turcots will live many years on that piece of land; then all of it or part of it will be sold to Verreault who will resell it on the 26th March 1783 to Charles-François Gagnon (contract Antoine Crespin the son); the Gagnon family still owns part of it today.


    All nine children of Marguerite Ouimet and François Turcot will be baptized in the parish of Sainte-Famille de l’Île d’Orléans:


Marie, born on 15th September 1689 and deceased on the 4th February 1703,

François, born on the 13th January 1692 and married to Geneviève Bouchard on the 16th April 1714, in the parish of Saint-Pierre, Isle of Orléans,

Jacques, born on the 20th January 1694 and married on the 11th February 1726 to Madeleine Audet, in the parish of Saint-Laurent, Isle of Orléans,

Simon, born on the 19th July 1696 and married his first wife, Marie-Madeleine Godbout, on the 2nd February 1722, and his second wife, Marie Vaillancourt, on the 14th April 1738, in the parish of Sainte-Famille, Isle of Orléans. He died in 1767

Marie-Anne, born on the 14th November 1698 and married on the 13th November 1719 to Ignace Paradis, in the parish of Sainte-Famille, Isle of Orléans,

Joseph, born on the 29th September 1702 and married on the 21st April 1732 to Marie-Josephte Audet, in the parish of Saint-Jean, Isle of Orléans,

Nicolas, born on the 16th November 1704 and married to his first wife, Marie-Jeanne Glinel, on the 18th August 1733, and to his second wife, Louise Langlois, on the 11th November 1743, in the parish of Saint-Pierre, Isle of Orléans,

Augustin, born on the 26th April 1707 and married on the 6th February 1741, to Marguerite Gendron, in the parish of Sainte-Famille, Isle of Orléans,

Marguerite, born on the 4th September 1709 and married on the 19th November 1731, to Pierre Langlois in the parish of Saint-Pierre, Isle of Orléans.

François Turcot was born in 1663, died on the 19th January 1718 and was buried in the cemetery of the parish of Sainte-Famille de l’Île d’Orléans. On the 25th August 1725, according to a document called «Aveu et dénombrement» or «Consent and enumeration» (p. 18), the widow Marguerite Ouimet-Turcot owned, besides lot no. 51 of three arpents, lot no. 50 of one arpent, for a total of four arpents wide, « with the house, barn, stable, 80 arpents of arable land and 10 arpents of pasture».


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